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Trauma therapy iEMDR

Travel with me into the past and free yourself from old burdens.


Dont let your past experiences define the quality of your life today.


Enjoy the careful selection of exclusive products for your spiritual relationship with yourself.


Kundalini YOGA

To have more energy for your daily life, support your body and nerve system with Kundalini Yoga exercises.


Maybe one of our events is something for you?

Grace LAB

Sometimes it takes inspiration or companionship, someone with the outside perspective and the tools necessary to get more clarity.


Be inspired or accompanied in different ways. In monthly packages, simple and clear.


“When I started therapy with Nicole, I couldn't have imagined just how good I could really be. During the work, old patterns of behavior cleared up and I was able to take full responsibility for my actions. "

Lisa M., Zürich

"I started with Nicole in a state of absolute powerlessness and lack of energy. My son was 10 months young, my nerves were raw and I felt completely thrown out of life and my center. After the first 4 sessions I felt power and stability returned. Working with Nicole has been life changing."

Christine E., Zürich

“After two miscarriages and a bad relationship breakup, I started working with Nicole. Processing what I experienced helped me to dissolve my monthly pain.”

Clare M., London

About me

Profilbild Nicole Ercolani

Taj Kalyan KAUR
Nicole Ercolani

I am born and raised in Switzerland, a trauma therapist, passionated Kundalini Yoga teacher, expert for mysticism and crystals.

I learned early that health is the basis for everything.

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