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Print on Canva 90x90cm gold on white. 


This is the key code of the mantra Ra Ma Da Sa  by the band White Sun. 


Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung.
healing mantra


Raa - the sun.

Maa - the moon. 
Daa - the earth.  
Saa - infinity.

Saa - infinity.
See - You.
So - I am.
Hung - you.

If you want to become a healer, a spiritual healer, then practice this mantra. This is a healing mantra. To come out of depression, breathe in and chant it in one breath. 


This is frequency art and is created in deep meditation. All Key Codes create a very specific energy in the space in which they work. Depending on the mantra or frequency, they have different effects. 

Print A3 - Key Code Mantra Ra Ma Da SA

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