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About Taj Kalyan 

I was born in Switzerland in 1982 and was diagnosed with embryonic cancer in my kidney when I was 2 years old. As a result, my left kidney was removed and I received chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

At the age of 16 I had to surgically straighten my scoliosis due to the radiation. Due to the severity of the operation, I went through a near-death experience and it took me a long time to feel at home in my new body.

Due to this medical history, I suffered from very severe pain from the age of 12 until my mid-thirties.

Due to these severe physical and mental traumas, I have used more than half my life to heal. I learned to heal my body first and then my traumatic emotional wounds.​

Today I work as a trauma therapist using integrative EMDR, a classic clinical trauma therapy technique. I work with my clients through their traumatic experiences and clarify the causes where they originated in order to have more physical, emotional and mental health.


In this 30 minute Zoom call you can describe your situation to me while I explain how iEMDR works and how I work.

Together we will find out whether we want to walk the path together.

The only constant in life is change

Freedom is my top priority. Not necessarily just freedom in the sense of money, movement and being able to travel wherever I want. It's mainly about the freedom to change whatever no longer serves me for the highest good. The freedom in my mind not to bind myself to things and places. 
In my own experience of over 25 years in the spiritual realm, I first learned to heal my body. How much you can change when you consistently pursue a goal. When my body was in a fairly good, pain-free condition, I learned to heal my mind. To curb the self-hatred and discontent. And lastly, I learned to heal my deeply stored traumas. My vision is that all people who wish to can learn that change and healing is possible on all levels. That no one takes their status quo for granted anymore and accepts themselves and the circumstances as they are. 
And we determine whether our lives change in a constructive healing direction, or in a destructive direction. It is in your hands. I pray daily that through my work I reach all people who need to feel this sensed knowledge once to find their very own way for their soul. 
Life is incredibly precious. May you make your lives something that your soul can take away a higher experience and may you make this precious time on this beautiful planet for the benefit of all sentient beings.


Facts about me

Read Nicole's Astrology Chart?

Nicole was born in Lucerne, Switzerland, on 05/17/1982 at 1:20 pm

How tall (short) is Nicole?

Nicole is153 cm or 5.1 foot. 

Where did Nicole grow up?

Nicole grew up with her parents and two siblings Sabrina and Flavio in Kriens, Switzerland. They had a cat named Stritzi, guinea pigs and a dog named Chiara.

What is the color of Nicole's eyes?

Nicole has blue eyes, depending on how she feels or the weather they are light blue with dark blue rim, or rather dove blue.

What is Nicole's hair color and are the curls real?

Nicole has dark blonde hair and yes the curls are real. They came out of nowhere with puberty and hormonal changes.

What is Nicole's diet?

Nicole eats a vegetarian diet. She eats 3 times a day and drinks mainly water and one coffee in the morning.

What is Nicole's Human Design Type?

Nicole is a generator and the authority is emotional.

What is Nicole's love language?

Her first love language is Gifts. The second love language is Act of Service.

Do you want more?

Stay in touch with me and receive inspiration and healing knowledge directly to your home!

Don't worry, you won't get an email all the time :-)

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