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How nice you are interested in iEMDR and its effect

I would love to tell you all my clients' stories so that you can get a feel for the possibilities of change. But that's not possible here. So I'll tell you a story about myself.

Due to my history of cancer as a young child with chemotherapy and radiation, I have had a lot of trauma. This led to me not being able to have healthy relationships, being someone who always wanted to please everyone and then getting angry when this was not acknowledged, I had many physical complaints such as constant pain and vertebrae constantly shifting. 

I was able to improve many of these problems with constant body therapy such as weekly physiotherapy sessions for 10 years or TCM sessions every 2 weeks for 5 years, but the reason for the imbalance in my body-mind system was still there and didn't go away. 

Until I discovered iEMDR. I was able to release the old stored traumas step by step and help my body to heal. I stopped having destructive relationships and stopped trying to please everyone. 

When I discovered Kundalini Yoga, which gave me an incredible amount of extra energy, the Dream Team was born. 

If you also want to make a fundamental change in your life to let go of your old traumas, I invite you to book a free Discovery Call so you can tell me your story and we can see if a collaboration might be a good fit.



Work with me through your traumas and free yourself from past experiences so that you can go healthy and happy into your future.

If you're wondering why you can't book a one-on-one session, there's obviously a reason. Trauma therapy can't just be tried on like other forms of therapy. We need 2-3 sessions alone to build up the necessary resources to even look at trauma. That is why I work exclusively in packages. If you prefer to book a single session, you are welcome to look at GraceLab for coaching sessions.

What is EMDR?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Doctor Francine Shapiro developed this integrative form of psychotherapy for the treatment of trauma disorders in the late 1980s based on an experience she had herself. Integrative EMDR can be used to treat trauma disorders in adults, children and adolescents.

​The effectiveness of EMDR has been proven by numerous scientific studies.

The research results show that after treatment of a simple post-traumatic stress disorder with EMDR, 80 percent of patients feel significantly relieved - after just a few sessions.

A central element of EMDR treatment is the post-processing of the distressing memory using bilateral stimulation. This can be achieved by eye movement or by the known tapping method. In eye movement, the client follows the fingers with their eyes as she moves her hand alternately left and right. This stimulation supports the brain in activating its own self-healing powers and processing the stressful memories. The same principle applies to tapping and helps the customer to process what they have experienced in such a way that it no longer influences their behavior today.


“When I started therapy with Nicole, I couldn't have dreamed how well I could really be doing. During the work, old behavior patterns have cleared and I've been able to take full responsibility for my actions."

Lisa M., Zürich 
FAQ's about iEMDR and Trauma Therapy

What is Trauma Therapy?

Trauma therapy refers to specific types of therapy that focus on treating the effects of trauma. The term is also referred to "trauma-informed care" and is more of an umbrella term that asks clinicians and other mental health professionals to consider a person's life experiences when providing treatment.

How does EMDR Therapy work?

In EMDR therapy, memories of a traumatic event are accessed in a very specific way. Guided instructions help you access these memories and then process your negative memories of the event. This reprocessing helps to "repair" the psychological injury caused by that memory.

PS: iEMDR bases on EMDR - the "i" means integrated and are the protocols of the basic technique


What does a therapist do during EMDR therapy?

During each EMDR therapy session - depending on what stage of treatment you are in - you will be guided through a series of questions or asked to focus on a memory or emotional feeling, using tapping to stimulate the body bilaterally and process what you are experiencing.

Does this form of therapy really work?

Dozens of studies have shown that iEMDR is effective. It usually works faster than other forms of therapy. People who undergo EMDR therapy usually see initial results much sooner than with other forms of therapy.

Why is trauma therapy challenging?

As a result of traumatic experiences, you may have learned to suppress your feelings or try not to feel them. Trauma therapy means that you consciously work on understanding and feeling these feelings, which can be a great challenge.

Is EMDR therapy safe during pregnancy?

The results of this study suggest that iEMDR therapy is safe in pregnant women with FoC in terms of psychological outcomes and effective in reducing FoC. However, no significant positive effects of iEMDR therapy were found beyond those of CAU.

Can EMDR therapy be performed virtually/online?

Therapists who offer iEMDR sessions online can support their clients anywhere there is an Internet connection. For both in-person sessions andiEMDR online, the client and therapist must have a space where they can provide therapy without interruption.

Did you know that Prince Harry also used EMDR to deal with his childhood trauma?

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